Wednesday, November 18, 2009

TeleVerus Video Phone Sales Poised to Skyrocket ~ "VIDEO PHONE" BEYONCE ft. LADY GAGA

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By Greg Hency

Remember the video phone from the futuristic TV cartoon, the Jetsons? I have spent seven years in the telecommunications market. I used to sign customers to seven-year contracts for phone lines. Hey, what's gonna change with phone lines in the next seven years?

The widely quoted study by Albert Mehrabian gave us the factoid that 93% of communication is non-verbal, meaning that the words carried 7%, the tone carried 38%, and the face carried 53%. This is good news for mankind and video phone suppliers. While this study has been criticized, the owner of my telecom company provided a perfect example. While responding to my video phone discussion, his voice said things like "Really?" Not very confrontational. But his face displayed extreme skepticism, so had I not been in the room, I would not have understood his reaction.

The video phone adds the dimension of "being there", and enhances understanding. The March 22, 2009 episode of "The Apprentice" will feature a video phone from the company ACN. Donald Trump has experienced how much more effective the video phone is as a form of business communications. In his world, effective communication can improve decisions that may have consequences that carry million dollar price tags.

Beyond the world of business, people will find that the video phone keeps them closer to those they love. The mobile world of the 80's and 90's marked the beginning of the networked family, where people from a family scattered across the country and across the globe in search of employment opportunity and lifestyle, relying on modern communications to keep in touch. My own brother and sister are in separate states, and we rarely visit each other. The video phone is a chance to reconnect with each other in a more personal way.

In my state of Michigan, many senior employees are losing their jobs. Gone are the days of seniority, where those who have been there the longest would be the last to lose their jobs. Now they are often first out of the door, as the company tries to shed their pricey salaries. These older workers have kids in high school and college, and often they are unwilling to uproot the family and move. The solution for many is for the breadwinner to move to another state to find employment, and visit with the family by commuting. The video phone is highly preferable to normal communications for these workers, because they miss their families so much.

The largely white-European America is a thing of the past. Today, we have immigration from Mexico, but we also have significant immigration from Europe, former soviet block countries, and Asian countries. Let's face it, we need young workers to pay for the graying of the baby boom. These new workers often leave families behind in their country, so the video phone gives them a way to connect with the families that are so far away.

The technology for the video phone has been around for ages, but video phones never sold. They were too expensive, too big, and the picture was too poor. Today, many homes routinely have Internet connections that are fast enough to support great video quality. The bandwidth of connections will continue to increase for the foreseeable future. The combination of this bandwidth and the marketing power of TeleVerus may rocket the video phone from obscurity into one of the top-selling items for the new year.

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